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If you know the current in one element of the series circuit, then, by Kirchoff's Current Law, you know that the current in every part of the series circuit is the same, so that is the total current in the series circuit.

If you do not know any current, then add up the available voltage sources, and add up the resistances, then use Ohm's Law, Current = Voltage divided by Resistance, and simply calculate the current.

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A 5 ohm resistor a 10 ohm resistor and a 15 ohm resistor are connected in series to a 120 volt power source What is the amount of current flowing between the 5 ohm resistor and the 10 ohm resistor

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Q: How do you calculate the total current in a series circuit?
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What is the formula for total current in a series circuit?

Current = (Voltage across the circuit) divided by (Total resistance of the circuit). The current is the same at every point in the series circuit.

Do additional resistors affect current in a series circuit?

Yes, additional resistors affect current in a series circuit by increasing the total resistance, which decreases the total current.

How do you calculate current in a parallel circuit?

The total current is the sum of the current in the individual branches.

What is the affect of a series circuit on current?

by adding the the resistances in series the total resistance of the circuit increses and thus the crunt flowing in the circuit decrese. Ans 2 . the current in series circuit of constant resistance will always be the same . It will not effect the current .

If you add more components to a circuit what happens to the total current?

If it is a parallel circuit, then adding more components increases the total current. It it is a series circuit, then adding more components decreases the total current.

What aspect of a series circuit is the same for each resister as well the total circuit?


How do i calculate the total resistance of a series circuit?

The total resistance of a series circuit is the sum of all the resistances of each component within the circuit. Resistance(total) = Resistance(1) + Resistance(2) +...

What determines the total current in a series circuit?

Series circuit: The total voltage is the sum of the voltage on each component. The total resistance is equal to the sum of the resistance on each component. The total current is equal in every component.

How is the resistance of a circuit calculated?

ohms law calculation for a series circuit - Total Resistance = Total Voltage divided by Total Current

How do you calculate voltage drops in a series parallel circuit?

First calculate your resistance for your parallel circuit using the reciprocal formula1/1/r1+1/r2 etc... Get that total and then add it to your resistance total of your series circuits. Divideyour applied voltage EA by Resistance Total RTthis gives you your current total or IT. Calculate your voltage drops by multiplying IT by your resistors in the series circuit. Subtract those voltage drops from your applied voltage EA and you now have your voltage drops for your parallel circuit, which all are equal to each other.

In series circuit is currant change with change in resistance?

yes, The current flowing in a series circuit is given by the applied voltage divided by it's total resistance offered by the circuit. hence if resistance of the circuit is changed, then total circuit resistance will change, so current will change.

Why you take the conjugate of current in complex power?

In order to calculate the complex power of a circuit, the conjugate of current is used. The Vrms of the circuit is multiplied by the complex conjugate of the total circuit current.

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