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explain with diagram of microprocessor 8085

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Q: Draw explain the pin diagram of 8085 microprocessor?
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Draw the functional block diagram of INTEL 8085 microprocessor?

drow the functional block diagram of 8085 microorocessor.

How do you draw timing diagram for 8085 microprocessor RET instruction?


Draw the block diagram of 8085 microprocessor?

Sorry, but WikiAnswers does not support graphics in its answers. To see the block diagram of the 8085, see the Related Link below.

How do you draw timing diagram for 8085 microprocessor JUMP instruction?


How do you draw timing diagram for 8085 instruction LHLD 5000H?

There is an example of a LHLD 5000H diagram on this website: This will provide an idea of how to draw the diagram.

Draw the architectural diagram of 8085 and explain the function of each block in detail?

you can download notes on 8085 mi croprocessor at...... under cse department section

Circuit diagram of 8086 microprocessor?

Draw the connection diagram of 8086 MPU ?

Microprocessor PREVIOUS question papers for bca 2nd year IN MADRAS UNiversity?

PART - A 10*3=30 1. Define Micro Processor. 2. What is an accumulator. 3. Why Data Bus id Bidirectional? 4. What is Microcomputer? Explain the difference between a microprocessor and microcomputer 5. List the applications of micro computer. 6. What are the advantages of microprocessor based system? 7. Explain the functions of IO/Min 8085. 8. What is Flag? List the flag of 8085. Show the bit positions of various flags in 8085 flag register? 9. Why Address Bus is unidirectional? 10. What are the Interrupts in 8085? PART - B 5*6=30 11. What are Data Transfer Instructions, Write any Instruction. 12. Define the following Terms Compiler, Assembler, Interpreter with example 13. Explain Instructions & Data Format. 14. Explain & Draw a Block Diagram of Computer with the microprocessor as CPU. 15. Explain the Logical Operations. PART - C 4*10=40 16. Explain the Microprocessor Architecture and its operations 17. Explain the various pins of 8085 Microprocessor 18. List the Registers in the 8085 Microprocessor & explain the functions in detail 19. Write a Assembly language program to add two 8 bit numbers 20. Write a Assembly language program to add 16 bit numbers

How do you draw timing diagram for 8085 microprocessor hlt instruction?

It will consists of a FETCH cycle followed by 1 or more wait cycles. Once HLT is executed it inserts wait states in every clock period until it is retested or an interrupt occurs.

What is diagram and explain The classical curve of economics?

How do you draw the total product Curve:

How do you draw data flow diagram of web browser?

i cant explain this dfd

How do you draw timing diagram of jnz in 8085?

3 machine cycles... 1.Opcode fetch cycle cycle

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What is the function of address bus in 8085?

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