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A pointer points to another pointer in the same way that a pointer points to a non-pointer object.

Start with a pointer to an object...

int a; // the object

int *pa = &a; // the pointer

pa; // is the value of the pointer

*pa; // is the value of the object

Now, create a pointer to a pointer to an object

int a; // the object

int *pa = &a; // the first pointer

int **paa = pa; // the second pointer

a; // is the value of the object

pa; // is the value of the first pointer

*pa; // is the value of the object using the first pointer

*paa; // is the value of the second pointer

**paa; // is the value of the object using the second pointer

And so on and so forth... Just don't forget to initialize each pointer along the way!

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Q: How does a pointer point to another pointer?
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What is pointer and pointer types and uses of pointer and the meaning of pointer?

As the name suggests Pointer is used to point towards something ,here in this case it points to another variable and stored at a memory location. Pointer is a variable that stores address of another variable. Different Types of pointers are: 1)Dangling Pointers 2)NULL Pointers 3)This Pointer 4)Generic Pointer 5)Near Pointer 6)Far Pointer

What does pointer to pointer finger mean?

Pointer is simply a variable that stores the memory address of another variable. Pointer to pointer means double pointer ,pointer that points to another pointer variable.

What is pointer and why pointer are used?

A pointer is a variable which is used to store address of a variable. They are used to point to another *p; // creates a pointer of integer typeint num; // an integer variablep=# //pointer variable p is assigned with address of num

What is pointer of pointer?

pointer is the variable that holds the address of another variable

What is generic pointer in C?

When a variable is declared as being a pointer to type void it is known as a generic pointer. Since you cannot have a variable of type void, the pointer will not point to any data and therefore cannot be dereferenced. It is still a pointer though, to use it you just have to cast it to another kind of pointer first. Hence the term Generic pointer.

What is this keywords?

'This' is a keyword that is it is previously defined in the library. It is Used with this pointer to point to another variables memory address.

What are pointer to pointer?

A pointer only holds an address information (location) in the memory. if a pointer holds points another pointer then it is a pointer to an other pointer. Pointer holds an address in the memory so in that address there is an other location information that shows another location.

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What star does the pointer star of the big dipper point to?

The two pointer stars point to Polaris, the north star

What does the mouse pointer appear as when you point to a hyperlink on a webpage?

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Pointer in c?

A Pointer is a Variable that holds a memory address, usually the location of another variable in memory. A pointer to pointer is known as double pointer.

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