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Pointer is a variable that is used to store the memory address of another variable. There are differenr types of pointers: NULL pointer THIS pointer VOID pointer NEAR pointer HUGE pointer FAR pointer WILD pointer

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2014-11-20 05:45:00
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Q: What are different type of pointers?
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What are void pointers?

They are pointers without type

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What is the different mouse pointers?

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Types of pointers in c?

You can define pointers to every data-type (including elementary types, structures, unions, arrays and function), plus you can define generic pointers as 'void *'.

Type of the mouse pointers and their function?

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What are the data type in c language?

Some of them are: 1. char, short, int, long, float, double 2. pointers to these 3. arrays of these 4. arrays of pointers 5. pointers to arrays ...

What are the different types of mouse pointers?

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Syntax of pointers in c programming?

type *ptr; type-data type *-is dereferencin opterator ptr- pointer

Difference between arrays and pointers in c language?

There is a difference: a pointer is a number that literally points to a place in memory. Arrays are groupings of a type. There is a close relationship between pointers and arrays, however: every expression with arrays (example: array[i]) can be expressed with pointers (example: *(array + i)), because for the computer, an array is just a list of pointers to the type of the array.

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Can you add two pointer variables?

No, but subtraction between pointers to the same type is possible.

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