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their dutie is to use math and science to design new artifacts and technologies that may be used to solve practical problems.


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2009-10-28 15:29:23
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What are the job duties of an Engineer

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Q: What are the job duties of an Engineer?
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WHAT ARE Duties and responsibilities of cadet engineer?

he is responsible to take job order in second engineer, following the instruction of engine officer, and assisting the engine.

What are duties and responsibilities of engineeers?

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What are the duties of RF engineer and BTS engineer?

An RF engineer is a specialist radio frequency engineer. He or she would specialize in a field, such as design or installation. A BTS engineer is a broadcast engineer, who would have many of the same duties, but in the field of broadcasting.

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What are some of the duties required in the job of a security engineer?

A security engineer often deals with security issues in computers, including firewalls, proxies, and hacking. This often requires high-level clearance.

Why do you want to enter software field being a mechanical engineer?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to enter a software field and become an mechanical engineer. You may be interested in the duties of the job for example.

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Operating the machinery.

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