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Logic gates is used in digital techenology, computer is a digital mechine. digital means 0 1, here 0 is off & 1 is on. from this logic make a logic gates there are three basic logic gates

1) AND gate

2)OR gate

3) NOT gate

using those gates we can made another gates

AND + Not NAND gate

OR + NOT NOR gate

theose two gates are univarsal gares because using those two gate you can make any gate. Bharat Sabne

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 21:34:32
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Q: What are the uses of logic gates in computing and communication technology?
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Why logic gates are called as logic gates not boolean gates?

Logic gates are the basic building blocks of digital circuits or systems. these digital circuits are used to implement several combinational and sequential operations. these operations include starage, timing, arithmetic, coding, communication etc. Hence, implementing the boolean algebra is not the only purpose where logic gates are used, hence, it is opt to call them as logic gates rather than boolean gates.

What are the limitations of logic gates?

limitations of logic gates

What is optical logic gates?

types of optical logic gates

Uses of logic gates?

logic gates r used in alarms.

Why is the transistor so important to technology devices?

Acts as Voltage Logic across Gates in a Circuit of the Devices.

What is use of logic gates?

All digital electronic circuits are composed of logic gates. Without logic gates there would be no digital electronics.

Why logic gates is important?

because similry logic gates used on and off

Is logic gates conductors or nonconductors?

logic gates comes under semiconductor

What are the three types of logic gates?

And, OR and Not gates.

Which gates are called basic logic gates?


What is the logic of logic gates?

It is just a logic of manipulating binary values.

What does logic mean in computing?

"logic" can refer to program logic (the steps or algorithm to how a program works), or Boolean logic (the values true or false or the operations that act on those values, such as AND, OR, NOT, and XOR [exclusive OR]).

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