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a closed circuit is a complete circuit with no breaks at all,

one example:- a closed circuit occurs when you turn the light switch on

an open circuit has a physical break in the circuit, which stops the flow of electrons.

one example is when the lights are turned off, the switch creates a physical break in the circuit

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Q: What is a closed circuit and an open circuit?
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What are open and closed circuit?

the open circuit in which current is not easily flow and in closed circuit the current is easily flow because circuit is closed

Is a complete circuit a closed or an open circuit?

A circuit is complete only when the circuit is closed.

What determines if a circuit is open or closed?

If a circuit is closed, current (electricity) will flow. Open the circuit and the flow stops.

Do you need an open circuit or closed circuit for a garage door open light?

In order to illuminate the light, you need a closed circuit. It would be normally open, and closed to indicate that the door is open.

Is series circuit open or closed?

open 2nd answer: The meaning of circuit means ' a closed loop', whether it is an electric circuit, a circuit of a race, or the circuit of a traveling judge. So, by definition, the Series Circuit is closed.

Is the power on if the circuit is open or closed?

Closed. If it is open then the power is off.

What is the difference between a closed circuit?

nothing but, if you're talking about a closed and open circuit, a closed circuit has all the wires touching while an open circuit has a break in the circut closed can allow electrical currents to pass open cannot allow

What is the type of circuit called when it has an conductor a switch a electric cell a resistor?

it is called a circuit and when it is closed is called a closed circuit and when open circuit it is called an open circuit

Difference between an open and a closed circuit?

in an open circuit the current cannot pass through it. in a closed circuit the current can pass through it

How can you make an open circuit and a closed circuit?

we can make an open circuit by disconnecting the wire or break the circuit and a closed circuit is made by connecting all wires with the contents of the circuits.

Which would be better in lighting a house a closed or an open circuit?

Which would be better in lighting a house a closed or an open circuit ?\

What makes a closed circuit work?

The fact that the circuit is closed is what makes it operate. Just as an open circuit does not operate.

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