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Answer to Why ASCII has only 255 codesAs you know the alphabet has 26 letters. If you include capital letter that would be 52. There is also lots of punctuation, digits we end up with 127. But there is other function buttons (example. Ctrl + Alt + Del) we need to get more space.

If we use 7 binary digits (Computers counting systems is binary) we end up with 127. That isn't enough to hold all the characters. So we make it 8 binary digits. The maximum number for 8 binary digits is 11111111. Which in our counting system is 255.

AnswerASCII is a 7-bit character encoding, so it has only 128 codes: 0 through 127. The upper 128 codes in an 8-bit byte (128 through 255) are unused and undefined by ASCII, but many ASCII extensions (such us ISO-8859-1) make use of those unused codes.
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Q: Why ASCII has only 255 codes?
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How many distinct ASCII codes are there?

128 ascii codes.

Ascii value of 255?

ASCII standardizes characters between 0 and 127.

How do you find the ASCII value of numbers greater than 9?

You can find the ASCII value of numbers greater than 9 using the following functions: std::to_string or boost::lexical_cast or std::ostringstream depending on the compiler that you are using.

How many ascii code are there?

128 ascii codes.

Why does ascii go 0-255?

1 byte is made up of 8 bits.In Binary 8 bits have a value of 0-255, therefore any character in ASCII will only take up a physical space of 1 byte.

Write a program to print all ASCII?

for (int i = 0; i<=255; i++) { char x = i ; cout << "Ascii value of " << i << ":: " << x << "\n"; }

ASCII character set?

ASCII characters do represent a numerical codes of letters and other alphabetical signs. Computers do not understand only numbers so they use this numerical codes to interpret letters into their own "language".

Where can you find ASCII codes?

A simple Google search on "ASCII table" found this site:

What is the binary equivalent of the word Network using ASCII encoding?

ASCII character array (including null-terminator): {'N','e','t','w','o','r','k','\0'} ASCII character codes (decimal): {78,101,116,119,111,114,107,0} ASCII character codes (octal): {4,7,1,4,5,3,5,0,7,3,5,5,7,3,4,4,6,5,4,0,0} ASCII character codes (hexadecimal): {4E,65,74,77,6F,72,6B,00} ASCII character codes (binary): {01001110,01100101,01110100,01110111,01101111,01110010,01101011,00000000} When treated as a 64-bit value, the ASCII-encoded word "Network" has the decimal value 5,649,049,363,925,854,976.

Where do you find an ASCII table?

Websites such as and provide ascii tables on their websites, along with toher information about ascii codes, their uses, and how to use them.

Is ASCII codes vary machine to machine?

No.ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It couldn't be called a standard if it varied from machine to machine.Note that this only applies to the core ASCII values. Some machines/programs/formats will use a subset or extended set of ASCII codes.

What is the ASCII 225 codes?

birany code for 225

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