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Structured programming (sometimes known as modular programming) is a subset of procedural programming that enforces a logical structure on the program being written to make it more efficient and easier to understand and modify.

ref:structured programming

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stucured language mean dividing program in to blocks or parts and executing where one block differs from other so that thr reader can understand the program easy.its just like top-down design approach

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it's a structured programming language because it requires a lot of precision, organization and calculations

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because it is an user defined set of statements.

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Q: Why c is called structured programming language?
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Why is c called a structured programming language?

c is called a structured programming language cos its easy to understand

Give some examples for structured programming language?

C is a structured programming language. PHP, COBOL is also a structured programming language. These languages follow a top down approach.

What is a feature in c that is not in c plus?

C is a structured programming language which is feature of C which made it a powerful language when it was new in market. But after C++ was developed structured programming was considered as disadvantage due to development of Object Oriented Programming Language.

A programming language that encourages structured programming?

C++ (or any other C language) encourages structured programming. I'm not sure if you are asking for an 'object oriented language' rather than structured. If that's the case, any C language or Java would fit the description perfectly.

What are the main features of the C programming language?

The C programming language is an imperative (procedural), structured, high-level general purpose programming language.

What type of programming language is C?

Imperative (procedural) and structured.

Is c is structured programming language or Procedural oriented language?

C is both. The characteristics of a procedural oriented language: assignment operators (:= in C) The characteristics of a structured programming language: block of codes ({} in C) for if-else, while-, for- loops, subroutines, etc.

What type of language c?

It is a structured, procedural, high level programming language.

What is structured programming language in C plus plus?

Your question makes no sense.

What has the author John C Molluzzo written?

John C. Molluzzo has written: 'C++ for Business Programmers' 'Structured COBOL programming' -- subject(s): COBOL (Computer program language), Structured programming

Is 'c' a structured language?

Yes, in C, you can use the standard programming structures (sequence, selection, repetition).

How does the C language work as structured?

It is known as structured programming language because it has functions and you can go for a modular approach in solving the problems. However, object oriented concepts are not supported in C.

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