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There are certain rules for forming different words into their plural form.

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Q: How do you make words plural?
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Related questions

How do you make words ending in is plural?

you add es

How do you tell if you add an apostrophe or an apostrophe s to words to make them plural?

Apostrophes never form a plural.

Plural of word ending in you?

No English words end in "you," except the word you, whose plural is you. If you mean words ending in -u, add s to make the plural: Bureaus, tutus, tabus etc.

Does the phrase The Thompsons go to church require an apostrophe?

No. Thompsons is plural, and apostrophes are not used to make words plural.

What are the different rules you could use to make words plural?

Words ending in 'y' takes ...ies as a plural: Lady = ladies; Penny = pennies. Other words take an 's' as a plural: Ladder = Ladders; Car = cars.

Why do you add es to words that end in ch to make them plural?

You add "es" instead of "s" to plural nouns to make the words flow better For example: watch -> watches batch -> batches

Do you add es or s to words like bake to make it plural?

words ending in "e" just need an s adding to make them plural. bake - bakes fake - fakes lake - lakes...

What is the plural of a natch?

natches. For words that end in -ch then add -es to make the plural - watchescatch - catchesmatch - matches

Where does the apostrophe go in the plural form of sheriff?

Just add an s. Apostrophes do not make words plural, just possessive.

Plural words ending in s and ch?

why does monarch and stomach not follow the rule for words ending in ch to add es to make them plural - because they have a different sound.

Why do you put suffix 'es' after potato to make plural?

That is just one of several rules that apply to this particular word. There are many other words that qualify as adding 'es' to make plural.

What is the correct placement for apostrophe in the word fellows?

Fellows doesn't need an apostrophe. It is a plural word, and apostrophes aren't used to make words plural.

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