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Q: How do you spell returnS?
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How do you spell recycles?

That is the correct spelling of "recycles" (returns for reuse).

If you equip a spirit monster with a spell equip card what happens to that equip card when the spirit monster returns to your hand?

The equip spell is sent to the graveyard and the monster returns to your hand as usual :)

What words do these letters spell utrensr?

The leters UTRENSR sepll "returns" or "turners."

How do you spell Have a happy birthday and many happy returns in Spanish?

Feliz cumpleaños y muchas vueltas felices

In batman returns what did the neon lights on would-be catwomans apartment spell out after she transformed and broke some of them?

Was "hello there". Broke to be "hell here".

Why does santa arrive at that point in Narnia?

Because thats when aslan returns and starts to break the spell of winter. So that normality is restored. And the wicthes magic starts to wear off.

What war the 3 stages of production?

Three stages of production are increasing marginal returns, diminishing marginal returns, and negative marginal returns.

How do parches returns in tally9?

how do purchase returns in tally9

What are the stages of production of a firm?

a]increasing marginal returns b]diminishing returns c]negative returns

What is the most non-offensive points ever scored in an NFL game?

(total of safeties, INT returns, fumble returns, punt returns, and kick returns)

When will the undertaker returns?

My Answer is Undertaker will end the carrier of Kane if he returns

What is the word for returns in latin?

Returns or comes back is revenit

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