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Each of these words are root words.

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What beginning with the letter A is the meaning of the prefix 'circum'

Adding the suffix -able to a root word forms which part of speech

Which of these definitions describes characterization

What is a literary point of view

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Q: What are the root words words suffix prefix affix?
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What word has prefix and a suffix and a root word in it?

There are many words with a prefix, suffix and root word. Here is one: dependable. De- is a prefix. Pend is a root word. -Able is a suffix.

What is the affix element of exclaim?

The affix in "exclaim" is the prefix "ex-". The root word is claim. The prefix "ex-" creates exclaim. The prefix "ex-" plus the suffix "-ation" creates exclamation (note, the "i" in exclaim is dropped).

What is the affix in alternate?

The root word is alter. The affix, a suffix, is "-nate".

What is the prefix and the suffix for the word mission?

"Mission" is a root word. It has neither a suffix nor a prefix. Transmission and missionary are words with a prefix or suffix attached to the root word "mission."

1 syllable added to a root word to change its meaning?

it has to be an affix,suffix,or prefix............sorry thats all i can say

What are words with the prefix hedron?

The root word Hedron is a suffix.

What is the root word suffix or prefix of the words diabetes mellitus?


What are the prefix the root and the suffix in disorganisation?

prefix: dis root: organ suffix: isation

What is the suffix in puebloans and the meaning of the suffix?

"Puebloans" are an ancient people that derived from ancient European culture. The root word, "pueblo" has no suffix, prefix, or affix that I can find at the moment for you. I hope this helps you a bit.

Incapable what are the root prefix and suffix?

The prefix is in-, the suffix is -able, and the root is capabillis from capere, meaning to take.

What is suffix root and prefix root in word distressed?

In distressed the suffix root is "dis",and the prefix root would be "ed."

What is the prefix suffix and root word for the word decsendant?

Ant is the suffix and there is no prefix.

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