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Q: What is a Synonym for an underground vault?
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What is a synonym for cemetery vault?


What is a vault within a vault?

a underground city the vaultboy world

What is a synonym for underground passageway?

The one word synonym for "underground passageway" is "tunnel".

What is a underground vault called?

A Crypt

What does a cript do in church?

A crypt is an underground burial vault.

What is the synonym and antonym for cellar?

syn are :vault basement Ant : attic

What is Vault 106 about in Fallout 3?

Vault 106 is one of the underground vaults by Vault Tech in the game that was used to store people when the nuclear bombs hit America. It is abandoned, just like all of the other vaults except for 101, which is where your character is from.

What is the synonym for guerrillas?

Mercenaries, commandos, terrorists, resistance fighters, partisans, underground fighters

What is book titled miracles of the vault that Health science Institute promotes?

The book you are referring to is called Miracle From the Vault: Anthology of Underground Cures. It was written by Jenny Thompson and published by the Health Sciences Institute in 2012.

What is the synonym for a subway?

Subways are also called 'theUnderground' ... In New York City they're Subways, but in London, they are The Underground.

Synonym for sky?

Sky has dozens of synonyms including the upper atmosphere and the vault of heaven. Others include the blue, the wild blue yonder, the firmament, and the heavens.

What a vault?

A vault is a safe or secure depository. Example: a bank's safe is a vault.Vault can also mean to jump over something.It may also be a large self sustaining underground bomb shelter, in the Fallout gamesor it could be a gymnastics vault, where you run up to it and do a twist or a handspring over itDefinitions of vault on the Web: * a burial chamber (usually underground) * a strongroom or compartment (often made of steel) for safekeeping of valuables * an arched brick or stone ceiling or roof * jump across or leap over (an obstacle) * bound vigorously * the act of jumping over an obstacle

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