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A good synonym for "strictly" is "stringently" or "meticulously" depending on how the word is being used. A good antonym would be "leniently" or "methodically," once again depending on how the word is being used.

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2012-04-17 18:22:42
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Q: What is another word for strictly?
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What is another word for apostle?

the word 'apostle' comes from the Greek for messenger. A disciple is a follower, so the word 'disciple' is not strictly a synonym for 'apostle', but they are often used interchangeably.

How do you use the word strictly in a sentence?

"Be quiet!",the teacher instructed us strictly.

What is another word you can use instead of severely?

badly; brutally; cruelly; harshly; seriously; sternly; strictly; relentlessly; rigorously; ruthlessly;

What part of speech is strictly?

The word strictly is an adverb. It means to do something in a strict manner.

What word means strictly adhere to rules?


Word meaning strictly controlled?

brought up with an iron rod

English translation of the word mahigpit na pinapatupad?

strictly implemented

What is the word for a word that is like another word?

That depends on what you mean by "like".Words are SYNONYMS if they mean the same, like sea and ocean.Words are HOMOPHONES or HOMONYMS if they are spelled the same or sound the same as another, but have different meanings, like sea and see, or rock (hard mineral) and rock (to move gently to and fro.)And a HOMOGRAPH is another name for a word that is spelled the same as another word but which has a different meaning -such as saw, the past tense of see, and saw, a tool for cutting wood.[Strictly speaking, a HOMOPHONE is a word that sounds the same as another but has a different meaning, origin or spelling, whereas the word HOMONYM refers to a word that has a different meaning to another, regardless of its sound or spelling.]

What is Opposite gender of tutor?

Strictly speaking the word is tutoress, but governess is close.

Find a sentence with the word social in it?

The company's party was strictly a social event.

What is strict as an adverb?

The word strict is the adjective form. The adverb form is "strictly."

What is a sentence using the word strictly?

The girl's parents gave her a curfew and strictlyenforced it.

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