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Savvy means the ability to do something in both a quick and efficient manner.

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Q: What is savvy?
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What did Captain Jack Sparrow mean by 'savvy'?

"Savvy"By the word savvy, he means "Do you understand?"

What is a sentence using the word savvy?

Savvy that? Yup ive got savvy like you do, my dah-ling. She's got a lot of savvy.

What is a savvy scientists?

a savvy scientist is a horrible scientist

What is the meaning of savvy?

ANSWER: Savvy means understanding. Example: The teenagers were well-educated and Media-savvy. (Understanding)

Can you put this word in a sentence savvy?

Savvy us generally used to denote understanding of a concept, or mechanic. "He was savvy with the workings of the handgun" "He had a savvy understanding of how it worked"

What does the website Savvy sell?

Right now the website Savvy does not sell anything. The site is under construction as it says that both "Savvy for You!" and "Savvy for Brands!" are coming soon.

What is a Sentence using savvy?

When used as a noun, 'savvy' means common sense. The candidate seems to have no political savvy.

What is bobbies savvy in the book savvy?

Bobbie doesn't have a Savvy because she isn't in Mibs' family. Only the Beaumonts have Savvy's, that's why Mibs had to quit school and also Rocket and Fish. The Savvy's they have are also supposed to be kept secret.

What does savvy as a verb mean?

The verb savvy is to understand, to comprehend.

Who was savvy published by?

savvy was published by the penguin group publishers.

In the book savvy what is fish's savvy?

Fish can create hurricanes.

What does savvy mean in the book savvy?

It is your special magic power.

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