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This is a Chinese saying: yi shi er niao (一石二鳥)which literally translates to "one stone two birds". There is also another Chinese saying that goes yi jian shuang diao (一箭雙雕)which translates to "one arrow double vultures", the usage of which is the same.

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In the Greek Mythology tale of Daedalus and Icarus. Daedalus is held captive by King Minos on Crete in a high tower. All he is able to see are high walls around him and large birds overhead awaiting his and his son, Icarus' demise. Daedalus devises a plan to throw stones at the birds in the hope of fashioning artificial wings to enable the pair to fly home. He finds, with his stone through a clever throwing motion, that he is able to strike one bird with the ricochet hitting a second bird, thus killing two birds with one stone. The rest is history.

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Q: What is the origin of 'to kill two birds with one stone'?
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What is the meaning of kill two birds with one stone?

It means performing two tasks at the same time - preferably via one action.Example: if you are out of milk, and you stop to put gas in the car, then get a bottle of milk at the gas station, you are killing two birds with one stone.To achieve two objectives by carrying out one action eg taxing petrol (or gas) not only provides money for the government but also reduces the use of cars which is good for the atmosphere.thats a good example..another one could be: Killing 3 birds with a stone: by one actionexample: Invest in being better: be successful:and[1] by investing in your self you would be helping your own career and personal development[2] by would be helping the short term money supply would increase - > upward push in economy.. because money circulation wil increase..[3] positive network externalities - due to spill over effects-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------and if you want to kill 4 birds with a stone.. add the 4th point :[4] :) means happiness ..Like answering two questions with one answer.Killing two birds with one stone is an English language idiom meaning "realising two goals through one action", be it by accident or by foresight and planning.Answering two questions with one answerOr solving two problems with one solution(basically doing two things at once)To kill 2 birds with 1 stone basically means to take care of 2 things at 1 time.It means to do two things at one timeAnswering two questions with one answerOr solving two problems with one solution(basically doing two things at once)

What is the origin of the idiom 'clip your wings'?

Origin: In ancient Rome, people clipped the wings of pet birds so that they would not fly away. Therefore, for centuries, people have used the expression 'clip one's wings' to mean bringing someone under control. It originates from the practice of shortening flight feathers of domestic and caged birds in order to prevent flight, and therfore loss of birds. To clip someone's wings means to put in place actions or ideas to calm them down, prevent flightiness, make them settle.

What is the origin of the expression 'in a nutshel'?

no one knows exactly

What is the origin of the expression nose to the grindstone?

This is a European millers' guild expression to remind the miller that he must maintain a flow a grain between the mill stones, which were traditionally set one above the other. Without any grain between them, the weight of the top stone would strike sparks on the bed stone, and the smell, know as "brimstone" was a warning, that if not heeded, would likely result in an explosion that would kill the miller. Thus, to keep your nose to the grindstone meant to pay close attention, not to work hard, but diligently, and had nothing to do with sharpening tools on the other type of grindstone.

Does the word kill have two syllables?

No, kill only has one syllable.

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Who is the origin of the saying kill two birds with one stone?

i dont know maybe from the greeks

How do i kill 2 birds with one stone?

Simple, you get a large stone, and small birds

Who came up with the saying kill two birds with one stone?

Nobody really knows who came up with, "kill two birds with one stone."

Who made the quote kill two birds with one stone?

Its a expression

Can anyone actually kill two birds with one stone?

Technically yes. You could either use a very large stone that would kill two birds (or more) at one time; else you could fire or throw the stone ensuring that it has enough velocity to kill first one bird and then the second.

How did mitochondria kill two birds with one stone?

They pick up a stone than because the birds are so close they throw it and it hits them so sad

What is a sentence using the idiom for the birds?

To kill two birds with one stone or arrow means to accomplish two things in one go.

What does the phrase Stone The Crows mean?

Well, maybe its a different way of saying "kill two birds with one stone"...

Would you try and kill two birds with one stone?

Not at the risk of losing the first bird.

Please provide another phrase for kill two birds with one stone.?

Another phrase that is the same as "kill two birds with one stone" would be to do two things in one fell swoop. The phrase basically means completing two tasks with only one action.

How do you say mate dos pajaros de un solo tiro in English?

Kill two birds with one stone. (actually, kill two birds with one throw if you want the literal translation)

What means kill two birds with one stone?

Get two (or more) things done by doing just one activity.

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