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Speaking in the third person means using the pronouns he, she, and it to tell a story without using I or you [I=first person, and you=second person].

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2010-08-29 19:15:37
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Q: What is third person in English?
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Why is the third Person the Blessed Trinity?

The third Person of the Blessed Trinity is the Sanctus Spiritus - the Holy Spirit in English, or Holy Ghost in old English.

What does doth mean in a poem?

"Doth" is an old form of "does." In Old English verbs, the third person present indicative generally ended in -th. In Modern English, the third person marker is -s.

How do you translate the word are from English to Spanish?

Are is a verb conjugation in English of the verb to be. (ser)ser = to besoy = I ameres = you arees = he/she/it/(anything third person) issomos = we areson = they/you(all)/(anything third person plural)

WHY is there an -s in the English 3rd person singular like in 'he sings'?

What is third person when writing a story???? When and how do we use this???

What is the third person for mi for Spanish?

"Mi" is "my" in English. It is not part of a verb conjugation. The idea of "person" is not applicable.

What is plural noun for him?

The plural of "him" (third person singular masculine) is "they" (third person plural) In English there is no differential between the feminine and masculine forms of third person plural. "They" is used for a group of males, group of females and a mixed group in English. Other languages, like French and Latin, have both masculine and feminine plurals, but luckily, in English, we only have the one form :)

What is helps in French?

Helps is the third person form of to help in English, so one would use "aide" the third person form of "aider" (to help) in French.

What is a sentence with a third-person pronoun?

The third-person pronouns in English areSingularhe, she, it - subjectivehim, her, it - objectivehis, hers, its - possessivePluralthey - subjectivethem - objectivetheirs - possessiveA sentence with a bunch of these is "He told them that it was hers, not his."

When do you use you and when do you use you?

'You' is the second person in English grammar. First person is 'I' Second person is 'you'. Third person is 'He/she/They'. E.g. I am a male You are a female They are people.

What is the 5th person past progressive of to jump?

In English, we have first, second, and third person, but no fifth person. Each person has a singular and plural form.Past progressive forms of jump:I was jumping (first person singular)We were jumping (first person plural)You were jumping (second person singular and plural)He/she was jumping (third person singular)They were jumping (third person plural)

What is 'aderit' in English?

He [she or it] will be here is the English equivalent of 'aderit'. The verb is in the form of the third person singular. It's in the future indicative tense.

Where do you use is and are?

"Is" is the third person singular of the English verb "to be." He is, she is, it is, that thing is "Are" is the plural form. We are, you are, they are, those things are

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