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Usually praise and accolades for the book and/or a summary of the plot.

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Q: What is written on the back of a book?
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What is written on the back of the book Alan and Naomi?

praise for the book

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nicholas, it is written in Morse code on the back of the book It is also written in the second book that's how i figured it out

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What is the definition of an abstract?

Abstract means in brief or short content. The book's abstract was written on the back.

If you read from back or front it is same?

No it wouldn't make sense, but if the book was written that way you could. There are some books written exactly that way. The back is the front and the front the back. Takes some getting use to.

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Why was The Book Of The Courtier written.

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What do you find at the back of a book?

A glossary is usually situated at the back of a book. The back cover of a book usually contains a blurb about the contents of the book.

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