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action verbs make writing exciting and easy to picture

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Q: Why do action verbs make writing stronger?
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Which best explains how action verbs make writing stronger?

action verbs make writing exciting and easy to picture

How do action verbs strengthen writing?

Action verbs make writing lively and easy to picture.

What is the action verb in You make me smile?

There are two action verbs in your sentence, 'make' and 'smile'.

Why should you not use too many b verbs when writing an essay?

I don't know where you got the idea for this, but there is no rule about not using too many "b" verbs. Just make sure you make your writing clear, use nouns and verbs to make complete sentences and check your spelling.

Action verbs can never make complete statements about their subjects true or false?


How can compression make a piece of writing stronger?

Excess wordage is just a distraction to the reader. Succinct writing has a greater impact.

What are singular verbs?

Singular verbs are verbs that describe the action of a singular noun. For example, "The cat runs." "Cat" is singular, therefore the verb, "run," must be singular. To make run singular we add -s = runs. Whereas a plural verb describes the action of a plural noun: "The cats run."

What are some examples of dual verbs?

Some types of dual verbs are like running and jumping or skipping and falling. It is two verbs put together to make a more drastic effect on a project, school work, or just everyday writing!

Is should have a linking verb?

No. It is two auxilary verbs. "Should" is a modal auxilary, and "have" is the auxilary used to make the perfect aspect. "Should have" can be used with linking verbs (he should have been happy) or with action verbs (he should have driven), but is itself neither.

Is extinct an action verb?

No, it is an adjective (no longer living). The active and passive verbs would be to make extinct or to become extinct.

Do you need to make the verb in present tense if you are writing a history event?

although this question is unclear, it is common practice to keep verbs in the past tense, especially when writing a paper.

Why are persuasive techniques used in English language?

to make the piece of writing more persuasive and to make the arguments appear stronger

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