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Legendary Birds: Trade from FireRed/LeafGreen or HeartGold/SoulSilver Mewtwo: Unobtainable. Trade from FireRed/LeafGreen or HeartGold/SoulSilver

Mew:Special Event in FireRed/LeafGreen. Birth Island ticket

Legendary Dogs: Trade from Pokemon Colosseum into Gen. III games

Lugia:Special Event in FireRed/LeafGreen. Navel Rock Ticket

Ho-oh:Special Event. same as Lugia.

Celebi: Currently unobtainable outside of Japan.

Legendary Golems: Complete Brailie Cave west of Pacifilog Town (dive needed) Bring Relicanth (slot 1) and a Wailord (slot 6) talk to giant stone.

Regirock: Cave in Desert

Regice: Cave north of Dewford Town

Registeel: Cave south of Foretree City.

Latios: Roaming Pokemon. Catch in Ruby. Eon Ticket needed for Sapphire

Latias: Roaming Pokemon. Catch in Sapphire. Eon Ticket needed for Ruby

Groudon:Catch in Ruby or Emerald

Kyogre:Catch in Saphire and Emerald

Rayquaza:Catch in R/S/E

Jirachi: Event Pokemon. GameStop had an event a few months ago.

Deoxys: Event Pokemon. Receive from Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs special mission.

Uxie: Catch in Lake Acuity Cave (after defeating Team Galactic.)

Mespirit: Talk to in Lake Verity Cave (after defeating Team Galactic.) Roams afterwards

Azelf: Catch in Lake Valor Cave (after defeating Team Galactic)

Dialga:Catch in Diamond and Platinum. Spear Pillar

Palkia:Catch in Pearl and Platinum. Spear Pillar.

Giratina: Catch in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. D/Pe catch in Turnback Cave. Pl. Catch in Distortion World or Turnback Cave

Heatran: Catch in D/Pe/Pl. Stark Mountain.

Regigigas: Catch in Snowpoint Temple. 3 Regis required

Crecelia: Talk to on Fullmoon Island. Roams after

Manaphy: Events or complete Manaphy missions in Pokemon Ranger.

Darkrai: Events. Go to Newmoon Island, or complete Darkrai Mission in Ranger

Shaymin: Events. Receive Oaks Letter go to Route 224 and talk to white rock and follow Shaymin after.

Arceus: Receive Azure Flute from a cheating device; the event was never distributed. Go to Spear Pillar to activate event.

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Q: How do you get all the legendary Pokemon?
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You can find all the legendary in pokemon black

What happens if a legendary Pokemon beats all your Pokemon?

keep training, all legendary Pokemon fall in time

What legendary Pokemon in blue sea edition?

all legendary pokemon is available............

Is Articuno the Pokemon a legendary?

YES articuno is a legendary pokemon...along with moltres and zapdos. all those are legendary

Do the legendary bird Pokemon evolve?

They do not. All the legendary birds are single form pokemon.

Where are all the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black?

All the legendary Pokemon are in the city figure it out and don't all was use this website for Pokemon ok. and it will actually cost 5 dollars to know were all the legendary pokemons are ha haha just kinnding all the legendary pokemons are in the middle of the island

Where is all the legendary Pokemon on HeartGold?

I put a link to a guide all about legendary pokemon in HeartGold in the related links.

What is all the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum?

All the legendary Pokemon exhibited on the cover. that includes Entei, Raikou, Suciune, Kyorge and Groudon.

In Pokemon. What can you do if your opponent has all the legendary Pokemon in battle?

Most legendary Pokemon aren't all that good. If you have strong Pokemon which has type-advantage, you shouldn't have any trouble at all.

Is brozong a legendary Pokemon?

No; it evolves from Bronzor. All legendary pokemon do not evolve or have a pre-evolution.

How do you get all the legendary Pokemon on Ruby version with cheats?

if you want to cheat to get all legendary Pokemon on ruby you have to play on the computer

Is there a cheat to get all of the legendary on Pokemon diamond?

Not all at once, you must put in the codes for one legendary Pokemon at a time.

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