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100,000 dollars a year

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Q: How much money did yuko shimizu make from hello kitty?
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Who created Hello Kitty?

It was a Japanese person who wanted to make something for children,so Hello Kitty was born.Their name is Ikuko Shimizu.

Why did they made hello kitty?

To make money

Does hello kitty have siblings?

Hello Kitty is a made up character and does not have a family . She is a product trademark to sell items and to make people money. __ Yes she does. According to the Hello Kitty website, Kitty has a twin sister called Mimmy.

Does he still make hello kitty things?

Does who still make hello kitty things

How many words can you make from the word hello kitty?

You can make:ellelkhellheyhihikehilthithokeyholeholyhotilkillitkeykillkilokiltkitkiteletlielikelitlithelotlyeohoiltelltietiletilltilttithetoetolltottoyyellyetyokeyolk And, hello and kitty.

Is hello kitty diabolic?

Well in the original Hello Kitty no! But now people have make things such as Hell Hello Kitty to make people think that way.

Did she make hello kitty?

"She" didn't make Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty was made on November 1, 1972 by a company referred to as Sanrio. For more information, look at answer for- "What use does hello kitty have to the world and the company that made her?"

Who make Hello Kitty?

The Japanese Sanrio company manufactures Hello Kitty.

Why hello kitty watch is so popular?

hello kitty is famouse becuase they wanted to make hellokitty famouse that is why people like hello kitty

How do you make a hello kitty doll?

build a bear workshop has a hello kitty doll. or you could make one out of a white cat stuffed animal and put a bow on it. Hello, Kitty. :)

Why did they make hello kitty?

A First Grader Entered a drawing contest and drew her .............. Hello Kitty!

What influenced ikuko shimizu to make hello kitty?

She was asked by Sanrio, whom she worked for, to create something to go with their other cartoons they already had that would attract preteens to put on a coin purse. She wanted something cute, and decided to do a kitty!

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