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First get all of the hoen Pokemon and get the national dex in Pokemon emerald then get the johto starters from professer birch get them all using the hint of getting them all then send them all to your Pokemon FireRed.

Then you have the all!

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Q: Where do you get johto region starters in Pokemon fire red?
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In Pokemon fire red can you go to the johto region?

unfortunately no but you can catch johto Pokemon on the islands.

What Pokemon do you start HeartGold with?

The Johto starters, Tododile the Water Pokemon, Chikorita the Grass Pokemon, and Cyndaquil the Fire Pokemon

What was the Pokemon that was the fire starting type in the Johto region?


Who were the fire starters?

Amusing that you are referring to the fire-type starter Pokemon for new trainers in each region, then the answer is: Charmander (Kanto) Cyndaquill (Johto) Torchic (Hoenn) Chimchar (Sinnoh) Tepig (Unova)

Where is Ho-oh on Pokemon fire red?

Johto(or Orre region)

What are the johto starters?

The Johto Starters are Totodile which is a Water-type, Cyndaquil which is a Fire-type and Chikorita which is a Grass-type.

How to get Johto Starters in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

"You have to have Pokemon colosseum and a gba/cube link cord then you trade the starters to one of the gba games (ruby sapphire emerald leaf green or fire red) then you migrate!"AnswerMigrate the johto starters from emerald to Pokemon diamond or pearl card. Answeryou can also get the johto starters from FireRed by seeing all 150 Kanto Pokemon then go to professer oak he will give you a totodile,cyndaqill or chickorita. Then migrate them to diamond or pearl. remember you have to have at least 6 Pokemon in your PC so be careful.

What are the names of all three fire starter Pokemon?

Well, there are actually 4 fire starters and they are Charmander from Kanto, Cyndaquil from Johto, Torchic from Hoenn and Chimchar from Sinnoh

Where is golden rod city in Pokemon FireRed?

golden rod city is in the johto region and fire red takes place in the kanto region

What are the names of the Pokemon starters in the brand-new region?

Snivy (Grass), Tepig (Fire) and Oshawott (Water).

Can you get the johto region in Pokemon FireRed?

Unfortunately you cannot access the Jhoto Region on fire red but there are islands where you can catch Jhoto Pokemon such as dunsparce and heracross (six or seven island)

What are the three starter Pokemon in johto region?

The fire one is Cyndaquil,the grass one is Chickorita,and the water one is Todadile.

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