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Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne/ Batman, and the Joker

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2008-12-04 01:20:52
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Q: Who were the main characters in the dark knight?
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What characters in the Dark Knight foil another character in The Dark Knight?

The Joker is the foil for all other characters in the Dark Knight. He forces all characters to develop and become better or worse because of him. Batman is also a foil for the Joker.

Who is the main antagonist in The Dark Knight?

The Joker

Who is the main antagonist of The Dark Knight?

The Joker

Who are the main characters in the secret show cartoon?

There are lots of main characters in the secret show. Although the main main characters are Victor Volt and Anita Knight

Who is the main antagonist of The Dark Knight Rises?


Who is the main antagonist in The Dark Knight Rises?


What was the name of the show that had a talking car and the main character name was Michael?

That was Knight Rider. The main characters name was Michael Knight.

Who is the dark night?

I think you mean the Dark Knight. If so, the Dark Knight is a superhero from the comic book series Batman created by DC Comics. The main character of which is Batman a.k.a. The Caped Crusader, a.k.a. The Dark Knight. For more information on The Dark Knight visit:

How does the dark knight relate to The Iliad?

I see no relation between any of the characters of the Illiad and the characters of the dark knight. I also see no relation between the movie the dark knight and the book the illiad. But I do see one relationship. They are both a depiction of certain events. We can be sure the events of the dark knight did not happen. But the events of the illiad could have happened. At least the part of a bunch of Greeks taking over a town in the region called Illium.

Who is the main character in the the tale dark and grimm?

The main characters are Hansel and Gretel.

Who are the characters of The Dark Hills Divide?

Main Characters-- Alexa, Grayson, Warvold, Yipes

What is the name of the main bad guy in the dark knight ingrid?

Answer:-Sabato Kiryuu

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