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yes it does!!! Actually the rotational axis of the earth is inclined 23.15' from the vertical to the ecliptic. It is this inclination that produces the seasons on earth so the deviation is not trivial.

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Relative to our frame of reference it is. But relative to the sun and our orbital plane, our axis is inclined about 23.5 degrees. And relative to the rest of the galaxy, our solar system is inclined over 30 degrees, making our axis almost at a right angle to the rest of the galaxy.

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Q: Does the Earth's axis point up and down?
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In what direction does the earths axis point?

The earths axis points up and down or north and south.The north pole points almost directly toward the North Star, Polaris, the last star on the handle of the Little Dipper (Ursa Minor).

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How tilted is the axis of the earths rotation as compared to the plane of the earths orbit?

The Earth's rotational axis makes an angle of about 66.5 degrees with the plane of Earth's orbit. That is, it's not "straight up and down".

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