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They both can be turned into liquids

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Q: How are solids and gases alike?
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In what ways are liquids and gases alike?

Liquids and Gases are both matter, and are not solids.

How are solids and gases a like?

While solids and gases are very different - one can be physically grasped and the other cannot - they also share similarities. For examples, solids and gases are alike because they both have matter, mass and weight.

What can you do to gases but not liquids and solids?

u can condense gases but not liquids and solids.

Are humans gases liquids or solids?

Farts are gases, not liquids or solids. :)

Unlike solids gases can?

Unlike solids, gases can expand and change volume.

If cooled does most solids change into gases?

When cooled gases change to liquids (usually) and then solids Solids don't change to gases upon cooling

Are noble gases solids liquids or gases?

They are all gases

All solids liquids and gases are?

some solids,liquids and gases are dangers some are not dangers

What happens to solids liquids and gases when they are heated?

Solids ---heat---> Liquids ---more heat---> gases

How can volume be used to separate solids and gases?

Solids have a definite volume and gases have a variable volume

Are elements on the right side of the periodic table inactive gases active gases inactive solids or active solids?

Inactive Solids

How gases are different from solids?

They are lighter in density as compared to solids. Gas are compressible, whereas not all solids. Gases exhibit better flow characteristics than solids. Gases readily react with other substances. All solids are seen by the naked eye whereas some gases are not.

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