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3 km is 1 mile and 1520 yards. Or 1.86411 miles.
1 kilometer = 5/8 mile. Multiply 3 x 5/8 to find how many miles in 3 kilometers. (3 x 5/8 = 1-7/8 miles) New Answer: 3 kilometers = 1.8641136 miles
3 km is equal to 1.864 miles.

You can use a formula to figure out the conversion from km to miles.

The formula is: kilometers x 0.6214 = miles

If you want to convert miles to km, the formula is:

miles x 1.609 = kilometers
1,864 miles.
You can convert distance from miles to kilometers by just multiplying the number of miles with 1.6 . Likewise you can convert kilometers to miles by just multiplying the number of kilometers by 0.62 . So, in this case the answer is 1.86 miles.
1 kilometre = 5/8 mile

0.625 kilometers to a mile.

Three kilometers would be 1.875 miles, ~1.9 miles.

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Q: How far is 3 kilometers in miles?
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