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it's sort of like diffusion, the object with the higher temperature will transfer its energy through conduction to the cooler object. after long enough, they will have the same temperature.

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Q: If two objects at different temperatures come in contact with each other what will happen?
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What will happen when you put objects of different temperatures next to one another?

Heat energy will be transferred from the hotter objects to cooler objects until they are all at the same temperature.

What needs to happen for thermal energy to be transferred and what needs to happen at thermal equilibrium?

You have to have two objects at different temperatures near each other, when two or more objects have the same temperature.

What needs to happen for conduction to occur?

Particles of two different substances with different temperatures need to touch

Do action and reaction happen at the same time?

Action- Reaction occur on different objects but happen at the same time.

Different forces are applied to two different objects that have the same s what will happen?

when different forces are applied to two different objects of same s the force with the most energy will push the other object

What would happen to a coquina rock if it was exposed to high temperatures and pressure?

It wouldn't work it will be a different rock.

Does rust happen faster in cold or hot temperatures?

hot temperatures

What happen when two objects at different temperature touch?

The object with the lower average temperature will take heat from the other object until both objects have the same temperature.

What can happen to objects when force is applied on them?

Objects move when force is applied.

If a city is growing what will happen to its nighttime temperatures?

The temperatures will increase slowly due to the pollution increase.

What will happen if you do not have objects fully clicked into place on a microscope?

you will not see the objects fully

Why do enzyme reactions proceed slowly at freezing temperatures?

Chemical reactions typically happen faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures.

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