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What are the three benefits of Having Many Cells, you ask?

Three benefits of being multicellular are: larger size, longer life, and specialization of cells.

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what is three benifits of being multicellular
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Being fat

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Q: What are three benefits of being multicellular?
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Benefits of being multicellular?

The benefits of being multicelular are: Bigger Size, Bigger appetite, and Longer life.

What are three benefits if being multicellular?

Bigger things eat smaller things (except at extremes). Multicellular animals eat unicellular animals (includes plants). (OK, my athlete's foot fungus eats me.)

What are the benefits of be multicellular?

Benefit's of being multicellular: 1.longer life span 2.larger than most organisms 3.special specialization ex: We are multicellular!

What are three benifits of being multicellular?

three benefits of being multicellular? oh that's easy... you have more cells, you have a more ridged structure and u produce more energy than being unicellular?! ok dont take answers from this one but every body else might actually not be doing homework and trying to figure the fudgin questin out too...

The basic unit of in all living things is the cells?

In addition to being able to grow larger what is anither benefits of being multicellular

What are three advantages of being multicellular?

Larger size, longer life, & specialization of cells

What are three benefits of being multiceulat?

There is no such thing as "multiceulat".

What are two advances of being multicellular?

Being multicellular means that you have a faster mitosis rate.

Is a true person multicellular or unicellular?

If the person is a human being then multicellular.

Are Gloeocapsa unicellular or multicellular?

Gloeocapsa are not multicellular. They give off the illusion of being multicellular, but are actually unicellular.

What are two benefits of multicellular organisms having some specialized cells rather then all the cells being the same?

i really dont know sorry

Is a earthworm multicellular?

Of course it is. Every living being of that size and complexity is multicellular.

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