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When we turn of the current in an electromagnet then electromagnet looses its magnetic property,provided the material used inside the current carrying solenoid is soft iron core. If, the material is steel then after the current is turned the magnetism propety still prevails and hence steel becomes a permanent magnet.

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Q: What happens when you turn off the current in an electromagnet?
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What happens to the magnetism of an electromagnet when its current is turned off?


How can you make a electromagnet lose its magnetism?

Turn off the current ! An electromagnet is only active while there is current flowing through the circuit.

Electromagnet is a temporary magnet because you can?

turn it off by unplugging the current source.

How do you deactivate an electromagnet?

Electromagnets are energized with an electric current. Turn the power off to stop the current will do the trick.

What happens to a magnetic field of an electromagnet if you switch the current off?

The magnetic field collapses.

How are electro magnets different from other magnets?

An electromagnet can be turned on and off, with an electric current and a magnet can not turn off

How can you turn off an electromagnet?

An electromagnet requires electric power to be a magnet. You turn it off the same way you turn off a light, by turning the switch.

What advantage does an electromagnet have over a permanent magnet?

A permanent magnet is always on; there isn't any way to turn it off. An electromagnet can be controlled; you can turn it on or off, or change the amount of magnetism by varying the current passing through the coils.

Can the magnetic field produced by an electromagnet be turned off?

A magnetic field is created when there is an electric charge which alters the region of the space. So yes, an electromagnet which uses electric current can "turn off" the magnetic field until it is induced by electric current.

What happens if you turn off the electric current in the solenoid?

If you turn off the electric current in the solenoid, the solenoid quits pulling its armature.

Is not a permanent magnet?

An electromagnet is a magnet while an electric current is running through the coil. Turn off the current and it is no longer magnetised, and is, therefore, not a permanent magnet.

Why electromagnet is different from a permanent magnet because an electromagnet what?

An electromagnet is NOT permanent; the magnetism can be turned on and off. Also, an electromagnet constantly requires a current, and therefore energy, to remain on.

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