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an example of a scientific model is the solar system,the water cycle,etc. a model is a replica of somthing in a much smaller version.

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but is a diagram an example?
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Q: What is an example of a scientific model?
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What is a scientific model?

A scientific model is a reprensentation of an object or system. An example of a scientific model would be a diagram of a cell or a map ..... Even a model rocket!

What is a example of a scientific model?

A scientific model is a reprensentation of an object or system, and it can be conceptual, graphical, or mathematical.AN example would be something like the model of the water cycle.

How do you make scientific model with waste material?

gobar(cow dung) gas plant is a good example of scientific model with waste material.

Example of scientific model?

The Particle Model of Matter A computer diagram of the human brain The solar system

Scientific Definition of model?

The Scientific definition of a model can be material, visual, mathematical, or computational and are often used in the construction of scientific theories. Models can also be defined as standard or example for imitation or comparison.

Describe How a scientific model is used and give an example of a scientific model?

A scientific model is a representation of a object or event that can be studied to understand the real object or event. A model airplane is a type of model, models represent things that are too big, too small or too complex to study easily.

What term is used in scientific circles for an example that serves as a model for a larger reality?


Can a scientific model explain observations?

That is the purpose of the scientific model.

How is a scientific model useful?

A scientific model lets scientists see objects that are too complex. A globe would be an example of a model. Without models scientists would have a hard time understanding certain things Hope this helps

Is a map a scientific model?

Yes a map is a scientific model

A physical representation of an atom is an example of a scientific?

If new evidence does not support a scientific theory, scientists will most likely

A flight simulator that helps astronauts prepare for a shuttle launch is an example of what?

Scientific model

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