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The question is formulated vaguely when dealing with physical systems containing water is it possible to use the description of hydrostatic. It assumes, that the system does not move, hence static. I.e. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that water exerts on an object.

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Q: What is the name of the force used in water?
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Is water resistance a force?

Yes. Equal and opposite the force used to move an object through the water.

What is the force called between the bottom of the boat and water?

the name of the force is upthrst and t is greater than the force that the boat excert to/on /in the water

What is the name of the force that pushes up in water?


Tees what is its water fall name?

High Force

The force used to create hydroelectricity is?

moving water

What is the name of the force that pushes things up in water?


What force is used to generate hydroelectricity?

Fast, running water.

What force allows water to arrive at your house from the water treatment plant?

The hydraulic force of water allows water to be transported in the pipes. Hydraulic force from the water treatment plant is used to pump the water vertically across the underground pipes. Then, another hydraulic force pumps the water from underground to the storey that you are living in horizontally up.

What is the name given to the force caused by water which keeps boats afloat?

This is a very good question,actually the force work on water has two names buontforce and upward force

What materials is used to build a house that will withstand the force of water?


The name adopted by kanishka?

Kanishka is the name of an aircraft. This aircraft is used in the Air force.

The name of the force that will push upwards on an object put in water?

The force that will push upwards on an object put in water is called buoyancy. Archimedes discovered and accurately described the specifics of this phenomenon over 2000 years ago, and Archimedes' principle is still used today.

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