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A graduated cylinder uses milliliters not millimeters. Hopefully I'm not too later for this fix.

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Q: What metric units does the graduated cylinder use?
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What tools do you use when measuring capacity when using metric units?

Graduated cylinder

What are the two different units scientist use to measure volume?

graduated cylinder and a cylinder

How are the volumes different when you use a graduated cylinder and a metric ruler?

A metric ruler measure a legth not a volume.

How do you know which side of a ruler to use when you are supposed to measure in metric?

One side of the ruler has centimeters and the other side has inches. Centimeters are smaller than inches. The side with more units is the metric side.

How can you find the volume of sand in a pipe in metric?

A pipe has the shape of a cylinder; just use the formula for the volume of a cylinder. In metric units, you have the advantage that the units are consistent. For example, if the radius and height of the cylinder are measured in decimeters, the volume will be in cubic decimeters (= liters).

What is the use of graduated cylinder in laboratory?

the use of graduated cylinder is for measuring liquid objects

How can you use graduated cylinder in a sentence?

I measured the volume of the jewel with a graduated cylinder.

Do scientists use metric units?

A vast majority of scientists use metric units.

What scientific tool do scientist use to measure volume?

You would use a graduated cylinder

Would you use a beaker or a graduated cylinder to measure isopropyl alcohol?

Graduated Cylinder.

Can you measure worms by using a graduated cylinder?

it depends... why would you use a graduated cylinder?

What is use of graduated cylinder?

A graduated cylinder is used for measuring the Volume of different things such as irregular objects. It uses the unit ml. It has a miniskus FYI that is when you use water and if you look closely you can see it curve at the top. You measure the miniskus a the bottom of the Curve. Also to find the Volume of an irregular object you first measure the water (starting volume) then place the Object in it and you will have your ending volume. then subtrct the difference from the starting volume and the ending and you will have your volume in ml.

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