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The theory of punctuated equilibrium.

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Q: What propses that species evolved quickly during short periods separated by long periods of little no change?
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Contrast the hypothesis of punctuated equilibria with that of gradualism?

punctuated equilibria accounts for the gaps in the fossil record. Species evolve quickly during relatively short periods. Tiny changes in a species gradually add up to major changes over very long periods of time. Gradualism proposes that evolution occurs slowly but steadily. These periods of rapid change are separated by long periods of little or no change.

How are samples separated on a gel?

Fragments are separated by size with smaller fragments migrating more quickly than larger ones.

Can a plant cell even be alive if it is separated from the tree?

At first, yes, but it will die quickly after.

Are there different types of evolution?

Yes, determining how quickly the species evolved: gradualism or punctuated equilibria.

When classifying organisms in a cladistic diagram identify three pitfalls scientists might encounter classifying creatures?

Animals may have similarities that developed separately and should not define them as closely related, there may be periods of time when they evolved quickly that are not known about, and it can be based a lot on assumption

What was the major events that separated the 2 camps during the washington administration?

Public opinion about the Constitution quickly became separated into two camps, the Federalists and the Antifederalists.

When blood is collected from patient serum should be separated from cells as quickly as possible to avoid?


How do you make first periods come faster?

There is no way to make your period arrive more quickly.

What happened during an event called Cambrian Explosion?

Many new groups of organisms evolved very quickly

Why do you think different species of plants transpire at different rates?

because they're different plants that evolved in different conditions plants that evolved in dry environments transpire slowly to save water plants that evolved in wet environments transpire quickly to speed up photosynthesis.

The hypothesis that speciation occurs quickly in rapid bursts with long periods of stability in between is called?

Punctuated equilibrium.

What is the relationship between life span and gestation period?

Gestation period and lifespan are positively correlated, as the Animals with fast life cycles (short lifespan) will have fast gestation periods. This is because they evolved to live quickly due to predators and competition for food. Professor William Amos, Professor of Evolutionary Genetics, University of Cambridge

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