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Assembly Line

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Q: What were workers stationed at a moving track to attach parts called?
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Workers stationed at a moving track to attach parts is called?

assembly line

What do you call workers stationed at a moving track to attach parts?

That is called an assembly line.

Where muscles attach to moving bone?

I believe they attach at the joints.

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Some do. Barnacles like to attach themselves to slow moving whales. Such as the humpback whale. And most likely do not attach themselves to fast moving whales and dolphins.

What is the location called where muscle attaches attaches to the non moving bone?


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Moving out of a population is called emigration. (Moving into a population is called immigration.)

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Push it, or put it on a surface angled down, or attach a battery to it.

Does the insertion attach to bone or skin?

Both the origin and insertion points attach muscles to bone. The muscles are moving the bones so they must be attached directly to bone.

Who were the migrant workers and how were they affected by the Great Depression?

Migrant workers are workers moving place to place. They were given low pay; the Great Depression caused them to have great monetary losses.

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Fast moving lava is called "Pahoehoe" And slow moving lava is called "aa" .

Electricity that is not moving is called?

Electricity that is not moving is called staticelectricity.AND ALSO ELECTROSTATIC ELECTRICITY.

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Microtubules attach to the to a structure on the sister chromatids called the kinetochore. Throwing the chromosomes into an agitated motion moving them towards the center of the cell. Then during anaphase they will help with the migration of chromosomes to opposite ends of the cell.

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