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it shows that Pangaea existed. "Wegener inferred that these reptiles lived on a single landmass that has since split apart."

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Q: Why are the Glossopteris and Mesosaurus important?
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Why were the fossils of Mesosaurus and Glossopteris important finds?

because it is one of the facts that prove the theries of continental drift and Pangaea

What were the same animal fossils found in both south America and Africa?

The Glossopteris, an ancient plant and Mesosaurus, an ancient reptile. lexii answered this question.

How can Glossopteris an ancient plant and Mesosaurus an ancient reptile be used as evidence for continental drift?

it can be used as evidence because they are old and moved from one place to another by the power of the ocean.

What are some of the fossils that the continental drift left behind?

the Glossopteris was a fernlike plant that lived 250 million years ago and glossopteris fossils have been found in rocks in Africa,South america,australia,india,and antarctica.there are other fossils like the fresh water reptiles mesosaurus and lystrosaurus.

Where did glossopteris fossils come from?

Glossopteris fern (which is now extinct)

What is so important about glossopteris?

because the same plant species were found on separate continents

What observation led Albert Wegener to develop the hypothesis of continental drift?

the observation of finding the fossil of the reptile Mesosaurus in both Africa and South America. wegener also found the fossil of the fern Glossopteris in Africa,Australia, india, south america, and antarctica.

Did Glossopteris become extinct?

The glossopteris was a seed fern that was shaped like a tongue. The glossopteris became extinct about 252 million years ago, at the end of the Permian era.

What was the Mesosaurus?

Mesosaurus is a 3 ft long extinct reptile from the early Permian period.

What did the mesosaurus eat?

Mesosaurus was one of the first marine reptiles. It had numerous thin teeth that weren't adept to catch fish. It is believed that mesosaurus ate plankton.

What role did Glossopteris play in Wegener's hypothesis?

Glossopteris was a fernlike plant that lived 250 million years ago. Glossopteris fossils have been found in Africa, South America, Australia, India, and Antartica. The occurance of glossopteris on landmasses that are now seperated by oceans indicate that Pangaea once existed.

What biome did a mesosaurus live in?

The Mesosaurus lived in Antarctica back 100 million to 200 million years ago : )

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