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Aerodynamics is related to the shape of the car to reduce air resistance and drag. Aeroplanes are kept clean and polished for the same reason - to reduce the friction caused by the air resistance.

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Q: Why do aerodynamics help cars go faster?
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How are formula 1 cars designed to go faster?

With aerodynamics, and kers system, herein is link with more info, check it out

Why are racebikes very aerodynamic?

Because good aerodynamics makes them go faster, which lets their riders win more races. Good aerodynamics makes it possible for the rider to go faster. The faster the rider can get, the better his chances of winning the race.

Does a hood scoop actually enhance a car’s aerodynamics?

A functioning hood scoop is not in place to increase the aerodynamics of a car. It is system to help force more air into the intake of the car’s engine, making in go faster.

How do cars go fast?

It takes horsepower, good aerodynamics, tires and suspension to go fast.

What are aerodynamics and how do they affect roller coaster speeds?

how the product (in this case the cart) is designed to achieve so it gets to the fastest speed and gets the greatest distance. the better the aerodynamics, the faster the rollercoaster will go and the worst the aerodynamics the slower it will go

How does aerodynamics affect cars speed?

The simple answer:Air takes power to push out of the way. Stick your hand out the window of the car (safely please!) and see for your self. The faster you go the more power is needed.To make this better you make the car go through the air easier (aerodynamics's)orMake more power.

Why does a car have a top speed?

It cant just accelerate to the endless, at some point a car's power wouldn't be powerfull enought to go faster, because the air gets thicker the faster you go, and the car looses grip, this is why high performance cars needs a powerfull engine, great aerodynamics and good tires.

Which branches of science would you study to make a go-cart go faster?

Physics- For aerodynamics, braking etc Chemistry- For fuel variants

Do cars go faster with more cylinders?

yes it goes much faster

How is aerodynamics used to make things more streamlined?

it is when things can go faster because it makes the friction in the air lessesn

Does nitrogen make cars go faster?


How are cars different from the years?

they go faster now.

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