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Franklin Pierce had the first bathtub installed in the White House. Rutherford Hayes had the first telephone installed in the White House.

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Q: Had the first bathtub installed in the white house?
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What president installed the first bathtub in the White House?

First Bathtub in White HouseBest evidence seems to point to Andrew Jackson as installing the first bathtub with running water between 1829 and 1833. Jackson and his designer spoke with pride that, in their bathroom, you could have a warm, cold, or shower bath. However, running water was only available on the first floor. If someone in the upstairs living quarters wanted a bath, a portable tub was brought in and water carried up to fill it. In 1853 President Franklin Pierce had running water and a hot water heater installed upstairs. He surely had a bathtub but it may have been portable without a built-drain.(There is a legend that Millard Fillmore installed the first tub. .This legend is actually false. The columnist H. L. Mencken made up the story about Millard Fillmore, and later confessed that it is was made up, and that he had no idea who installed the first bathtub with running water.)

What US president was the fattest?

-William Howard Taft, at 6 feet and weighing over 350 pounds (159 kg),was the heaviest US President. -He was given the nickname "Big Lub" because of his size -Taft's weight caused him to become stuck in the bathtub in the White House on several occasions, prompting the installation of a new bathtub capable of holding all of the men who installed it, something the White House denied until the bathtub was torn out years later.

Which president had an electronic horse installed in the white house?

Calvin Coolidge

How long ago was the first bathtub installed in the White House?

Around 180 ago seems reasonable. A bathtub of some sort was put in around 1830 when running water was added, mostly for fire protection. My understanding is that they had a boiler in which water was heated, but no hot running water, so the tub would have to be filled via buckets . It was around 20 years later that hot running water was put in.

Which president was rumored to have gotten stuck in a bathtub in the White House?

This rumor was formed about William Howard Taft. Taft was a big man and he arranged for a larger bathtub to be installed in the White House and a huge tub was installed. A photo was circulated showing four workmen sitting comfortably in the tub and so the rumor began. There is no evidence that the rumor is true and , if you think about it, it is highly unlikely. The old white house bath tub was no smaller than most tubs, Taft was no bigger than he had been for some time , took regular baths was in good health and in control of his body. He did not live alone in the White House and had a corps of trustworthy servants he could call if he needed help.

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What year was the first bathtub installed in the white house?

It was in MAY of 1937 the by Millard Fillmore

Who was the first president to see the first bathtub and library installed in the White House?

Millard Fillmore, at the request of his wife, got Congress to appropriate some money to buy books for a permanent White House library. He did not install a bathtub-- please see the related question.

When was the first telephone installed in the White House?

the first telephone was installed in the white house (presidents house) (america) 1880.

Who ordered the white house's first bathtub?

Franklin Pierce

Installed in White House during Millard Fillmore's presidency?

The White House library was begun at the request of his wife. He may have had the first kitchen range added to the white house. H. L. Mencken published a story, later admitted to be a hoax, that Fillmore had the first bathtub put into the White House,

Which president had a special bathtub installed in the white house because he weighed 300 pounds?

William Howard Taft was a very heavy man who needed a larger bathtub.

Who was the president that plumbers installed bathtub and running water in the White House?

Andrew Jackson was the president when the White House got running water. Franklin Pierce the 14th President had a bathtub installed in the white house. James K. Polk the 11th President had gas lights installed. Rutherford B. Hayes the 19th President had the telephone installed. Benjamin Harrison the 23rd President had electricity installed (however he was too afraid to use it, he would ask others to turn on the lights)

Who was the first president to order a special sized bathtub in the white house?


What did filmores wife do ta modernnize the white house?

She had put the first bathtub in it.

When was the first toilet installed in the white house?


What year was the first bathtub put in the White House?

May of 1937 by Millard Fillmore.

What President installed the first bathroom in the White House?


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