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Ever heard of wind talkers? well native Americans were used to send codes and whatnot to other companys, theyd speak their native tongue to another native American in some other company, the enemy soon learned about it and it died out quickly, theyd capture a "wind talker" and make them tell them what the code said.

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To expand on the previous answer, many people are familiar with the movie Windtalkers. The information that will lead you to World War 2 details is to search for Code Talkers. If you use the correct search information you find the code that was utilized during World War 1 and 2, Korea and Vietnam. The Code Talkers were Navajo, but many were from other nations including Choctaw, Cherokee and Comanche as well as from nations such as Montana's Assiniboine.

Additional information can be found at:

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Q: How did the Native Americans contribute to World War 2?
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