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food stamps

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Q: How did they ration food during world war 2?
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What is the ration for 1 week?

During the first world war, the food ministry was created in Britain to ration food products. During the second world war, the food ration for one week was, eggs, fats, cheese, and bacon.

What did you buy sugar with during world war 2?

food ration coupons

Where there ration books during World War I?

The European countries involved in World War 1 introduced food rationing. Obviously, this involved issuing ration-books.

How were ration books used?

Ration books were handed out during the World War 2, to help ration food, fuels & other important products.

What did people eat during the world war 2 food ration?

snails lol

Why was there a ration during world war 2?

Because there wasnt enough food for the soldiers and the civilians

Why ration cards are necessary?

During World War 2 ration cards were used due to the shortage of food. Food was therefore rationed and could not be obtained without the ration card thus ensuring everyone had their correct allowance (Ration).

What did they ration in the World War 2?

Food, Metal.

Did the Queen ration during World War 2?


What food didn't they ration in world war ii?


Why did have to ration in World War 2?

Because we needed the food for the troops abroad, so we had to ration it so there was no food shortage

What was War ration coupons?

War ration coupons were coupons used during world war two and they were considered money. You would use them to buy your food, but because the food levels were so low, you could only buy a certain amount.

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