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Make a phone call to your state bureau opf prisons. They will have a locater service which will be able to give you the information.

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Q: How do you find a person in prison?
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Where can I find photos of prison inmates?

A person I know has been sentenced to go to prison. When a person goes to prison do they have to have their prison inmate photograph taken?

Where can I find out why a person is serving prison time?

The best way to find out why a person is serving prison time is to ask the person what happened. In many cases you can also look up the person's name in the prison system and see why he or she is there, but not all states allow that, so if the person won't tell you it may be impossible for you to find out.

How do i find a person in prison?

Go to prison

What is a free way to find out if a person is in prison?

A free way to find out if someone is in jail is to ask family members or friends of that person.

How do you find out if an inmate has been moved from wasco state prison?

Just call the prison, and ask for the person's housing information.

What is the person called that over the prison?

The person that is over a prison is the Warden.

How do you find out if someone is out of state prison?

If you know which specific prison they were incarcerated in, call and contact that prison's administrative office and ask. If you do not know which prison, contact the State Prison Administration in the state capitol - they should be able to track the person's record in their system.

How do you locate a person in federal prison?

You should be able to find a web site for that prison. In many instances, the menu of prison information will include "inmate locator" or something to that effect. Just enter the inmate's name and he should pop up along with his prison number and other information related to his sentence. Once you know you have the right person, you can find information on how to contact that person via letter and answer any of your other questions

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The best way to find an inmate in prison is to contact the prison nearest to your location and request information. If the person you are looking for is not at that prison they should be able to give you information pertaining to how to find that person.

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Paul mentioned prison, he was in prison, so was Peter. so the person Luke would be the person who wrote about Peter in prison and Paul wrote about himself (or the person wring the letter for him)

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How can I find inmates in a prison?

A friend of mine was recently sentenced to prison. Is there a way for me to find inmates in prison to speak to him?

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