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The current revised estimate of Kriegsmarine U-boat losses in WW2 is 759. You can view a more detailed count by year at the link below to

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Q: How many German submarines were lost in WW2?
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How many US submarines were lost in World War 2?

52 US submarines were lost in WW2. This was about 1 in every 5 submarines that the US had in WW2

How many US submarines were lost in WW2?

52 u.s. subs were sank

How many submarines in the US Navy?

During WW2 the US Navy built 126 submarines.

What was the name of the first US submarine lost to German submarines in World War 2?

Of the 52 US Navy Submarines lost during WW2, fifty were lost in the Pacific and only two were lost in the Atlantic Oceans (both by accidents). The two Atlantic US Submarines lost were the USS Dorado and USS R-12. The Submarine DORADO was sunk by friendly fire (US Aircraft) and the Submarine R-12 was sunk during a diving accident.

How many submarines did the US have in World War Two?

There are different answers to that but the most common one is that the USN had 288 submarines in WW2

Name of ww2 German passenger ship lost at sea?

Wilhelm gustov

How many German submarines were lost during World War 2?

Do people know anything these days? If you know alot about U boats Ext.I myself have a U boat book that list from the U1 to the U 4001 that all through those numbers were lost only about 30 ww2 U boats remain today

When did submarines fight in large scale wars?

Submarines fought in both WW1 and WW2.

Who made the first submarines in World War 2?

Both sides, the Allies and the Axis, had submarines when WW2 started.

Did German and British you boats take on supplies in the west of Ireland during WW2?

Ireland was neutral during the war but leaned towards the Allies and didn't permit German U-Boats to resupply there. However, neutral Spain did allow the resupply of German submarines.

How many german civilians died during WW2?

Over 4,000,000 .

How many B-17s were lost in World War 2?

how many b-17 and crews was lost in ww2

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