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The 1800s span a long time time. Around 1800 Britain was at war with France, and there was inflation. Moreover, between 1815 (the end of the Napoleonic Wars) and 1899 prices rose by about 30-40%. Please bear in mind that some prices, especially those of essential foodstuffs and medium quality clothes fell, but the cost of coal rose by 50%+ over the same period. It's impossible to give an exact equivalent, as their were so many inventions in that period. For example, in 1820 people travelled by horse-drawn coaches; from the 1840s onwards rail travel became increasingly common. In 1820 the cost of postage was staggeringly high, but by 1899 a number of people were spending money on luxuries like the telephone - initially quite expensive ... A handful of peope at the very end of the period were enjoying themselves driving in motor cars - extremely expensive before the invention of the assembly line ...

1820: one pound corresponds roughly to 85 pounds now.

1895: one pound corresponds to about 55-60 pounds now.

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Q: How much was a pound worth in England in the 1800's?
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