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The silver Denarius (pl: Denarii) was the main coin in the Roman economy over much of its life. Other coins include the silver Antoninianus (worth 2 Denarii) and the gold Aureus (worth 25 Denarii)

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2011-03-30 14:18:41
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Q: Name some of the Roman coins?
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What is a name for Roman silver coins?


Which fact about Roman coins best demonstrates the extensive reach of the Roman trade network?

Some Roman coins have been found in China.

What is the name of gold coins in roman times?

During most of the Roman Republic gold coins were called Aureus and silver were Denarius

Why were roman coins made?

Roman coins were made for the same reason our coins are made-- they were money. They were used in buying and selling. Roman coins also were like mini messages telling the public of some deed that the issuer of the coin did.

What is the name of gold coins of the later Roman empire?


What was the name of roman coins?

"antoninianus" no sure google it n cheak

How were Roman coins made?

roman coins were made from gold. this is the my answer.

Coins from 46 BC?

The golden coins of the Roman Republic named aureus. The silver coins of the Roman Republic named denarius. The bronze coins of the Roman Republic named sestertius and dupondius. The copper coins of the Roman Republic named as.

What is in ancient roman coins?

Roman coins were made of bronze, silver and gold.

What is the name given to ancient roman coins?

In the play Julius Caesar they are referred to as drachmas.

Was Gold was used in roman coins?

The Roman Empire did use gold coins (Aureus)

How did roman coins lead to American coins?

Roman coins did not lead directly to American coins. European coins came after Roman ones, and people from Europe came to America and brought European coins with them, and when they made their own, they kind of copied the European ones.

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