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Political Weaknesses

Economic Weaknesses

Social Weaknesses

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Q: Name three major weaknesses that led to the Great Depression?
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Causes of the Great Depression of black Tuesday?

Three causes of The Great Depression

What changes in basketball have happened since the Great Depression?

One major one is the shot clock Also the three-point line.

List three causes of the Great Depression?

The three causes of the great depression were stock market, bank failures and reduction in purchasing by people and companies. The stock market happened in 1929.

What other nations were affected by the Great Depression?

there were three main countries that was affected by the great depression it was the 1 united states 2 Europe 3 Germany

What are three ways the great depression was hard on WA residents?


What major events happened from 1928-1949?

At least three major events shaped history between 1929 and 1949. The first was the Great Depression. The second was the Second World War. The third was the Communist takeover of China.

What role does heredity play in depression?

Individuals with major depression in their immediate family are up to three times more likely to have the disorder themselves.

What three events caused the great depression?

Stock Market Crash savings of the rich

What were the three r's of FDR plan for fixing the great depression?

Relief,Recovery,and Reform

Roosevelt stragety to end the Great Depression what are the three R's?

Relief Recovery Reform

What three countries suffered from the Great Depression and sought military solutions?

Germany Britain and France

What are three major events that led up to the Great Depression?

The four main factors that contributed to the start of the Great Depression were: 1. Unequal distribution of wealth. 2. Over speculation of the stock market. 3. Increase in manufacturing/agricultural output but insufficient pay wages to workers. 4. Buying on credit, which led to debt.

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