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The three early river civilizations are the Incas. Aztecs and Mayas

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Q: What are three early river civilizations?
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What where the accomplishments of the early river valley civilizations?

The Nile River was the axis of two early African civilizations

What are the three early civilizations?

The 3 early civilizations are the Mayans, Incans, and the Aztec.

How were early African civilizations similar or different to river valley civilizations?

Some African civilizations were river valley civilizations, such as Egypt and Nubia(because they were located along the nile river).

What things characterized the early river civilizations?

Being close to a river

What were some differences between early river-valley civilizations and classical civilizations?

river vlley civilizations were suckish and classical had alexander the great

Which best describes how river valley civilizations influenced the development of classical civilizations?

Urbanization began in early river valley civilizations and expanded in classical civilizations. APEX

Classical civilizations developed what whereas early River valley civilizations did not?

Vast Empires

What are some developments of the early river valley civilizations?

Some of the developments of the early river valley civilizations were that they developed agriculture, written language and other stuff.

What two rivers are important to early ancient Indian civilizations?

The two rivers that are important to early ancient Indian civilizations are the Gandes River and the Indus River.

4 major early river civilizations?

There are more than 4 river civilizations. he 4 main rivers are Nile river, Indus river, Yellow river and Harappa river.

Why were early ancient civilizations called river valley civilizations?

Ruins of early civilizations were most commonly found in valleys formed by the flow of dried out rivers.

What were two important early civilizations in Africa?

The Nile river and

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