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the soldiers wrote letters home,played games and built roads

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2009-10-30 15:31:10
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Q: What did the soldiers do in their spare time?
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What did the soldiers do in there spare time in WW 1?

They had homosexual intercourse.

What did the Vietnam soldiers do in there spare time?

They killed each other for practice. That's why we won.

What did soldiers do on their spare time during the Vietnam war?

In the field, playing cards (gambling) was common.

How did steam trains increase spare time?

its allowed cargo or even soldiers to go on it. which was faster than a carriage at that time

What did World War I soldiers do in spare time?

I am thinking that they were plotting on how to destroy their enemies or thinking of their home and family

What did people do in there spare time in the industrial revolution?

spare time, what spare time?

What did the soldiers do on their spare time in world war 2?

Drew,painted,wrote in joriners,and read book or would trane.

How did a roman soldier spend his free time?

In their spare time Roman soldiers went to the bathhouse at their fort, played board games and went hunting.

What do celebs do in their spare time?

what do celebs do in there spare time

Spare time activities in the trenches?

During WW1, the activities that soldiers did in their spare were to play cards, write in diaries, write letters home, or take some to sleep. Trenches were very unpleasant places for soldiers because the environment was often muddy and often had the stench of rotting corpses.

What is the Welsh for 'spare time'?

spare time is, amser rhydd

Does the Sri Lankan military use child soldiers?

Yes, they also rape them in their spare time from what I've heard, basically a second Kony.

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