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The British Parliament severely taxed the American colonies. The colonies protested and finally went to war against the British. The American colonies were victorious and won their independence from England. The Revolutionary War began in 1775 and ended officially in 1783.

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Q: What happened before the Revolutionary War?
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What happened after the Revolutionary War and before The Boston Massacre?

Nothing. The Boston Massacer was before the Revolutionary war.

What two events happened in Boston before American Revolutionary war started?

The two events that happened in Boston before the American Revolutionary War started were the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party.

What was the event happened in Boston before American revolutionary war started?

The Boston Massacre was the incident between British soldiers and a crowd of colonists in Boston, Massachusetts. It happened in Boston before American revolutionary war started.

Was the Civil War before or after the Revolutionary War?

The civil war was after the revolutionary war.

Who wasn't a writer before the Revolutionary War?

Mark Twain was not a writer before the Revolutionary War.

When did Spain in the American Revolutionary War happen?

Spain in the American Revolutionary War happened in 1781.

When did American Revolutionary War happen?

American Revolutionary War happened on 1775-04-19.

Why was the first amendment so important during the revolutionary war?

The First Amendment didn't exist during the Revolutionary War, which happened before the Constitution and Bill of Rights had been enacted.

Was the Revolutionary War was after the World War 2?

the revolutionary was before world war 2

What happened to the land after the American Revolutionary War?

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What war happened after the raised taxes on tea?

The revolutionary war

Was the war of 1812 before the Revolutionary War?


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