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Q: What is the rule by a small faction of people called?
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What form of political power allows only a small faction to rule?


When a small group of people rule what is it called?


A government system in which only a few people rule is called what?

An oligarchy is a system of government controlled by a small number of people. These people are often part of a small clan, clique, or organization.

What is rule by a small group of educated people?


What is a rule by the people called?

a democracy

How does the idea faction over blood come in the story Divergent?

The basic idea of 'faction before blood' was incorporated within the story when Tris is troubled and confused whether to be on the Dauntless' side or the her original faction, Abnegation's side. Someone then tells Tori that 'faction over blood' was the general rule. Of course, it's Tris, so she doesn't follow the rule and believes in something else. But this idea of 'faction over blood' creeps her out.

What was a rule by three people called in rome?

It is called a triumvirate.

In which type of government does a small group of people rule?

An oligarchy.

What is the best definition of an oligarchy?

the rule of a small group of people

What has to be present for a government to be an oligarchy?

rule by a small group of people

What is rule by the people called in government?


Any system of government in which rule is by the people is called what?

Rule by the people is called a Democracy. Rule where the people elect representatives is called a Republic. Other common types of government include the following: Monarchy: rule by a king or queen Aristocracy: rule by aristocrats (usually the wealthy, educated people) Autocracy or Dictatorship: Rule by one person or a group of people. (Although of course most dictators claim to be leaders of democracies.)

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