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THE Japanese wanting to kill the allied ships in the harbour

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2008-06-10 07:59:11
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Q: What started the bombings of Darwin?
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When did the bombings in Darwin start?

19 February 1942

How did the civilians feel the government should respond to the Darwin bombings?

By evacuating them.

What was the impact of the Darwin bombings on Australian civilians in World War 2?

A strong one.

How many people were killed in the Darwin bombings of World War 2?

It is estimated 250 - 320 were killed in the Darwin, Australia bombings by the Japanese. 300 - 400 were wounded. There were also 23 aircraft destroyed, 10 ships sunk and 25 ships damaged.

Where were the ANZACS in the Darwin bombings?

The two events are entirely unrelated. The ANZACs were the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in World War I. The Darwin bombings were in World War II. Whilst some of the ANZACs had survived to fight again in WWII, they were not called the ANZACs then.

When was Berlin first bombed?

The Berlin bombings started in 1940 by the UK.

How old was Charles Darwin when he started his journey?


What year did Charles Darwin start voyage?

Charles Darwin started his voyage on the HMS Beagle in 1831.

Why is Darwin a waterson?

He was the family pet,but he started growing legs and arms and started to talk

Where did evacuating people go during the Darwin bombings?

The new film (which is probably NOT A REMAKE) due to be released in November 2008, titled "AUSTRALIA" may supply those answers. The movie (film) is about the DARWIN BOMBING during WW2.

What was the historical significance of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

It started the nuclear/space age and put the end to the war which started the cold war.

Why did the government lie about the Darwin bombings?

It kept the full facts from public knowledge to avoid public panic in the rest of Australia, to avoid harming morale and the war effort.

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