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Tigris & Euphrates

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Q: What two rivers border Mesopotamia?
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What two rivers border Mesopotamyia?

the tigris and euphrates rivers border mesopotamia

What are the names of the two rivers that border Mesopotamia?

The two rivers that border Mesopotamia are the Tigris and the Euphrates; they are also known as Dijla and Furat, in Arabic.

Between which two rivers is the Fertile Crescent?

The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are the rivers that border Mesopotamia, not the Fertile Crescent.

What are the two rivers in Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia has two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates.

What are the Mesopotamia's rivers called?

Mesopotamia's two rivers are called the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. Mesopotamia was located right in the middle of them that is why Mesopotamia was known as "The land between two rivers."

What were the rivers in Mesopotamia?

There are two important rivers in Mesopotamia the Euphrates and the Tigris.

What were rivers in mesopotamia?

There are two important rivers in Mesopotamia the Euphrates and the Tigris.

What two rivers formed Mesopotamia?


Is the two rivers in mesopotamia healty to drink from?

The two rivers in Mesopotamia is name Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. There are healty to drink from. There are use to bath in it to. The Tigris and the Euphrates rivers are the two most important rivers in Mesopotamia.

What 2 rivers for Mesopotamia?

The two main rivers for Mesopotamia are the Euphrates and the Tigris.

Where did mesopotamia start?

Mesopotamia originated between two rivers (Tigris and Euphrates). Mesopotamia in Greece means land between two rivers.

On what two rivers did Mesopotamia develop?

The two rivers that are on mesopotamia is Tigris River and Euphrates River .......Hope that answer your Qustion?

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